Box Pleated Hybrid Kilt


Ancient Macbean $0.00 Anderson $0.00 Armstrong $0.00 Black Stewart $0.00 Black Tartan $0.00 Black Watch $0.00 Bruce Tartan $0.00 Buchanan $0.00 Buchanan modern +$200.00 Burn Tartan $0.00 Cameron Modern $0.00 Cameron of Erracht $0.00 Cameron +$200.00 Campbell of Argyll $0.00 Campbell $0.00 Chisholm +$200.00 Clan Ban $0.00 Clan Cunningham $0.00 Clan Keith $0.00 Clan Ranald +$200.00 Coast guard +$200.00 Colquhoun +$200.00 Comyn +$200.00 County Tipperary +$200.00 Cranstoun +$200.00 Crawford +$200.00 Dark Irish $0.00 David McGill +$200.00 Davidson +$200.00 Douglas $0.00 Dress Gordon $0.00 Dress $0.00 Drummond +$200.00 Duke of Rothesay +$200.00 Dunbar +$200.00 Dundas +$200.00 Erskine +$200.00 Farquharson Ancient $0.00 Ferguson Weathered $0.00 Ferguson $0.00 Forbes $0.00 Fraser $0.00 Freedom $0.00 Glasgow $0.00 Gordon Clan $0.00 Gordon $0.00 Graham $0.00 Grant $0.00 Grey Hamilton $0.00 Gun $0.00 Gunn ancient $0.00 Hall Tartan $0.00 Hamilton $0.00 Hart of Scotland $0.00 Hay tartan +$200.00 Hederson $0.00 Heritage Scotland $0.00 Home +$200.00 House of Stuart +$200.00 Hughes +$200.00 Ireland of Scotland $0.00 Irish nation $0.00 Irish Tartan $0.00 Iron Horse $0.00 Kannedy $0.00 Keith $0.00 Kerr +$200.00 Kidd Ancient +$200.00 Laing Dress $0.00 Lloyd Clan $0.00 MacCallum $0.00 Macdonal Dress $0.00 MacDonald $0.00 Macdougall Modern $0.00 MacFarlane $0.00 MacGregor $0.00 Mackay $0.00 Mackenzie $0.00 Maclaren $0.00 Macleod of Harris $0.00 Macleod $0.00 Macpherson $0.00 Macphersono dress +$200.00 Mccullough $0.00 Montgomery of Eglinton +$200.00 Murray of Atholl $0.00 National $0.00 New Gray Watch $0.00 Night Watch $0.00 O Neill $0.00 Polaris Modren $0.00 Pride of Scoltand $0.00 Ramsay Blue $0.00 Ranger $0.00 Red Hamilton $0.00 Roberson Red $0.00 Robertson Hunting +$150.00 Royal Stewart $0.00 Safron $0.00 Scot Family $0.00 Seabee $0.00 Sinclair $0.00 Smith $0.00 Solid Green Tartan $0.00 Solid Grey $0.00 Solid Irish Green $0.00 The West Point +$200.00 Thompson dress Blue +$200.00 Thompson $0.00 US Marine $0.00 Urquhart Modern $0.00 US Air Force $0.00 US Army $0.00 US Army #2 $0.00 US Coast Guard +$200.00 US Marine Corps $0.00 US Merchant Marine +$200.00 US Navy $0.00 US Seabees $0.00 Wallace $0.00 Wallce Hunting $0.00 white and black $0.00 William Hamilton +$200.00 Tara Murphy $0.00 Braddock Clan $0.00 Kerby Tartan $0.00 Brown Watch $0.00 County Cork $0.00 Durham $0.00 Moffat Tartan $0.00 Robertson Modern +$150.00 o'sullivan +$200.00 McGuire Tartan $0.00 Johston Tartan $0.00 Gunn Ancient $0.00 Johston tartan Modern $0.00 Kinnaird Tartan $0.00 Maccines Hunting $0.00 McLeod of Harris Ancient +$10.00 MacLaine of Lochbuie Hunting +$200.00 Modern MacInnes Hunting $0.00 Russell Tartan $0.00 Russell Ancient $0.00 Strathclyde Tartan $0.00 Wilson Tartan +$200.00 Rose Hunting Scottish $0.00 Muir Tartan $0.00 Masonic Tartan $0.00 Clan Ogilvie $0.00 Tait Tartan $0.00 MacLachlan Hunting $0.00 Baker $0.00 Carmicheal $0.00 Cumming $0.00 County Tyrone $0.00 Clan Jones $0.00 Isle of Man $0.00 Maccines Hunting $0.00 Maciver $0.00 Scott modern $0.00 Tennessee Volunteer $0.00 Mckinney $0.00 Moore $0.00 Montgomery Ancient $0.00 MacLean of Duart Hunting $0.00 MacLachlan Modern $0.00 Crichton Tartan $0.00 County Clare +$100.00 Young Tartan $0.00 McDuck Tartan $0.00 Auld Lang Sayn Grey Tartan $0.00 Barclay Dress Tartan $0.00 Barnes Ancient Tartan $0.00 Ben Lomond Tartan $0.00 Blair Tartan $0.00 Braveheart Tartan $0.00 Carnegie Tartan $0.00 Celtic Tartan $0.00 Chisholm Hunting Tartan $0.00 Cian Tartan $0.00 Clan Edwards Welsh Tartan $0.00 Clark Modern Tartan $0.00 Cochrane Tartan $0.00

Decide where you want to wear your kilt. You can wear it at your natural waist, a bit above your belly button, or lower, closer to your hips like jeans or shorts. It’s your choice, depending on what’s most comfortable for you. If you want a more flattering look, it’s recommended to wear it higher up. Use a measuring tape to find where you want the top of your kilt to sit. Make it snug but not too tight, and stand naturally without sucking in or pushing out your stomach.

(Measuring the Space between Waist and Hip) Extend the measuring tape from the point you marked on your waist to the spot you noted on your hip. The pleats will be securely sewn along the fell, and this contributes to the distinctive swaying and fluid motion of a kilt as you walk.

Measure around the broadest part of your hip. To find this spot, stand with your back against a wall and take a few steps back. The area that makes contact with the wall first is where you should have your measurement.

A kilt is typically worn around knee length. If you prefer a very traditional appearance, position your kilt at the top of your knee. But if you like a more relaxed, hip-level look, place it at the bottom of your knee. To determine the length, stand upright and have your Trusty Assistant measure from the point where you took your waist measurement down to your chosen knee spot for the kilt’s hem. Alternatively, you can bend your knees and measure from the waist to the floor. Make sure these measurements are precise – double-check them, and even triple-check if needed. If something doesn’t feel right or if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask for assistance.

Antique Brass $0.00 Silver Chrome $0.00 Black Matt Finish +$10.00 Golden Pleat +$20.00

Kilts have long been associated with the rich tapestry of Scottish culture and heritage. These iconic garments have a history that spans centuries and are often worn with pride during special occasions and gatherings. However, as fashion and lifestyle needs evolve, so do the garments we wear. In this ever-changing world, hybrid kilts are gaining popularity for their unique blend of tradition and modern comfort. Let’s explore some of the advantages of these innovative garments.

1. Traditional Aesthetic, Modern Comfort:
Hybrid kilts beautifully blend the traditional look and feel of a classic kilt with modern comfort and convenience. They offer the best of both worlds, allowing wearers to enjoy the timeless, distinguished appearance of a kilt while benefiting from contemporary fabrics and design features.

2. Versatile Occasion Wear:
Hybrid kilts are versatile and adaptable, making them suitable for a wide range of occasions. Whether you’re attending a formal event, a casual gathering, or even a sports activity, hybrid kilts can be customized to fit the tone and atmosphere of the occasion, allowing you to make a unique fashion statement.

3. Diverse Fabric Choices:
Unlike traditional kilts, hybrid kilts offer a diverse range of fabric options. You can choose from materials like cotton, tartan, denim, leather, and more. This variety allows you to select a kilt that suits the season, climate, and your personal style.

4. Pockets and Utility:
One significant advantage of hybrid kilts is the inclusion of pockets and utility features. These additions make them practical for everyday use. You can carry your essentials, such as keys, wallet, and phone, without needing an additional bag or sporran. This convenience is a significant draw for many wearers.

5. Adjustable Fit:
Traditional kilts often require precise measurements and fittings. In contrast, hybrid kilts typically come with adjustable waistbands and closures, ensuring a comfortable fit regardless of weight fluctuations. This adaptability makes hybrid kilts accessible to a broader range of individuals.

6. Customization Options:
Hybrid kilts offer a high degree of customization, allowing wearers to select unique features like pleat styles, embellishments, and accessories. This personalization ensures that your kilt reflects your individual style and preferences.

7. Ease of Maintenance:
Traditional kilts can be challenging to clean and maintain due to their woolen fabric and pleating. Hybrid kilts, on the other hand, are often made from easy-to-care-for materials, making them a more practical choice for everyday wear.

8. Ideal for Active Lifestyles:
Hybrid kilts are well-suited for those with active lifestyles. The combination of comfort and utility features makes them a great choice for outdoor activities, sports, and adventures, ensuring freedom of movement and convenience.

In conclusion, hybrid kilts have become a modern and stylish adaptation of a traditional Scottish garment. They offer numerous advantages, from comfort and versatility to customization and utility. As they bridge the gap between tradition and modernity, they are becoming an increasingly popular choice for those who wish to embrace their heritage while also adapting to the demands of contemporary life. Whether you’re a kilt enthusiast or someone looking to explore this unique garment for the first time, hybrid kilts offer an exciting and practical option for all.